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Trubus Soedarsono | IAS 2019 € 22.000,-

Trubus Soedarsono | IAS 2019 € 22.000,-

A portrait of the mother of the artist: ‘Iboekoe’

signed and dated ‘Troeboes. S. / ’46 Djokja’ (lower right) and titled ‘Iboekoe’ (lower left)

oil on board, 50,5×36 cm

This portrait of the mother of Trubus Soedarsono shows a sensitive and sorrowful expression. It is painted in 1946, just after the Japanese capitulation. On August 17, 1945 Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno declared Indonesia independent. This was only recognized by the Dutch in 1949 after fierce struggles, especially during the ‘politionele acties’ of 1947 and 1949. ‘Iboekoe’, meaning ‘my mother’ wears the symbol of the nationalist movement and of the Republic of Indonesia, a small pin of the Indonesian flag, also known as ‘Sang Saka Merah Putih’.

President Soekarno acquired several paintings of the artist for his own collection. During the Japanese occupation Trubus studied painting with Sudjojono and Affandi. After the Japanese surrender he became a member of a group of young revolutionary artists called SIM (Seniman Indonesia Muda), founded by Sudjojono and Trisno Sumardjo. This group was supported by the republican government that fought for independence. The artists visualised the efforts made by the people of Indonesia in their struggle for independence. Trubus was imprisoned by the Dutch authorities for exposing his anti-Dutch propagandist art. During the anti-communist troubles in 1966 many Indonesians disappeared without any form of justice. Since Trubus was a leftish member of the regional government of Yogyakarta he shared the same fate as possibly hundreds of thousands of Indonesians who disappeared and were killed because they were or were suspected of being communists.

Indonesian Art Sale – 28 August 2019
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€ 22,000.00
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